Senior Team Selection

Senior Team

Senior County Team - Selection Criteria

Recurve / Compound
Salisbury FITA
Wiltshire FITA - Supermarine
Salisbury 2 x 70M Round
DWAA Championships

Devizes Top Ten Tournament
Salisbury FITA
Wiltshire FITA - Supermarine
DWAA Championships

Archers positions will be taken from the best 3 shoots.

Points will be given to archers on their position in each tournament.
Lowest points = top ranking
1st place = 1
2nd place = 2
3rd place = 3 etc.

Those archers that attain GMB or MB status within the current outdoor season must contact the Records Officer as this will ensure that they are automatically ranked at the top of the table. However, if there are too many archers that qualify through gaining GMB or MB status, GMBs will be given preference and then MBs then positions from the selection shoots will be taken into consideration.

Where there are not enough archers participating in each category, known archers will be invited to represent the county. This will be done on their performance/scores at other events. The Records Officer will have the final say in any matter to do with the selection of the County Team.


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