Dorset & Wiltshire Archery Association

Junior County Team

Each September the Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS) hosts an outdoor Junior Inter Counties Championships.

It involves all the counties within the South West, there are 4 inter counties teams :
Dorset and Wiltshire (DWAA), Gloucestershire Archery Society (GAS), Somerset Archery Association (SCAA) and Devon and Cornwall (DCAS).

The County Junior Team is made up of age groups, U12, U14, U15, U16, U18, U21.

Each County team is made up of the same number of juniors and includes 4 bow styles. Barebow, Compound, Longbow, Recurve, with a maximum of 12 juniors, split across the bowstyles.

It is an all-day competition, only for juniors, consisting of 144 arrows shot at the Junior age group specific
distances, Metric 1-5.

There is some flexibility, if a county is unable to fill certain bow style places with a restriction on a max of 2 in U21 category. If a county has no compounds, it can put in their place, either, 2 recurves or 2 barebow or 2 longbows. If a county has only 4 recurves, it can put in their place, either, 2 barebow or 2 longbows, but not compound.

How is the DWAA Junior County Team selected.

Any juniors can submit their open competition scores which have been shot at their age group distances, from either;

  • Metric 1440 rounds | Metrics 1-5 | U21-U12
  • Hereford/ Bristol 1-5 rounds | U21-U12
  • WA 720 Rounds and Double WA 720 | U21-U12

Selection to represent the DWAA County Junior Team is based on merit where the best juniors are selected.

Whilst selection preference would be given to juniors shooting a classification score in competition of Bowman 1st, Junior MB, Junior GMB or even Junior EMB, Juniors shooting in competition scores of Bowman 2nd can still submit their scores to be included for consideration.

For further information on the county junior team or information for juniors, please email the DWAA Junior Team Manager. markricketts720@gmail-com