Dorset & Wiltshire Archery Association

Senior County Team Selection

The Selection Criteria for the DWAA senior team for 2017 will be as follows.

The current county selection shoots are as below.

Recurve / Longbow / Compound
Lychett 2x WA720
Chippenham 2x WA 1440
DWAA WA 1440 – Salisbury
Devizes York/Hereford
Swindon 2x WA720
DWAA  WA 1440 – Supermarine
Bracken 2x WA720
DWAA 2x WA720- Salisbury
Lychett York /  Hereford
DWAA Championships York / Hereford

Individual’s positions within the county team will be updated after each county shoot on a rolling process. Where a county shoot has been shot in the current year, the previous year’s shoot will be dropped.

Points will be given to county archers on their position in each tournament.

i.e. Highest placed county archer 1 point, 2nd placed county archer 2 points, third placed county archer 3 points and so on.

Archer’s positions within the county team will be based on the following:


Recuves  / Longbow and Compounds archers positions will be based on the best 3 of the least 3 county selection shoots and the average of the three determined.

Those archers who attain GMB or MB status within the current outdoor season will need to contact the Team Manager to ensure that they are automatically ranked at the top of the table. However, if there are too many archers that qualify through gaining GMB or MB status, GMBs will be given preference and then MBs then positions from the selection shoots will be taken into consideration.

Where there are not enough archers participating in each category, known archers will be invited to represent the county. This will be done on their performance/scores at other events, but the minimum standard will be Bowman. The Team Manager will have the final say in any matter to do with the selection of the County Team.

All archers will be required to wear DWAA Country Shirts when representing the County at Team Competitions.

County teams will be submitted for the following shoots.

Senior Inter Counties Tournament at Exeter – Usually held on the third Sunday in September each year.

The tournament consists of a Ladies and Gents WA1440.

The team is made up of the following:
Gents – 7 Gent Recurve, 5 Gent Compounds & 2 Gent Longbows.
Ladies – 5 Lady Recurve, 3 Lady Compounds & 2 Lady Longbows.

All 24 archers shoot, but then at the end of the day, the lowest Recurve, compound and longbow scores are dropped, to leave 21 scores counting for the overall prize.

Selection for DWAA vs Hampshire – 3 archers from the following disciplines.
Ladies Recurve, Ladies compound, Gents Recurve & Gents compound.
Currently longbows are not part of this event.

The shoots that are used in hosting the events, which alternate each year, are:-
DWAA – double 70/50mtr held in Salisbury
ANDOBA – FITA – one day, usually the Sunday, held in Andover.

Archery GB National County Team Championships held at Lilleshall at end of June.

The teams will be made up of three archers in each bow styles listed below.

Recurve Women, Recurve Men, Compound Women, Compound Men, Longbow Women & Longbow Men.

The tournament structure has three components:

FITA 50m, 70m (individual ranking round, Head to Head & Ladies and Gents FITA.

If you are invited to shoot for the county team, your entry fee for the event will be paid and £30 will be given to each Archer after they have completed both days.

It is intended that various training events will be organised throughout the year and current team members will be invited and encouraged to attend.

Contact details for Senior County Team Manager.

Chris Groom

Phone Number: 07412877889