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Calling all Dorset and Wilts Junior Archers!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Calling all Dorset and Wilts Junior Archers!

Junior County Team Selection for 2018

Please can any junior interested in being selected for the Junior County Team Match on Saturday 8th September 2018 submit their scores to Michelle Orme (

by 27th July 2018


The GWAS Regional and Junior Inter-Counties Championships will be on Sat 8th September 2018 at Yeo Bowmen, Johnson Park, Yeovil Sports & Social Club, Yeovil, Somerset (Metric Rounds). Refunds for entry will be given to successful team members.

Selection for the DWAA Junior Team will be based on submitted scores:
Please submit your scores from any Open or Record Status Bristol or Metric rounds shot at the appropriate distance for the junior’s age on the day of the competition. At least one score must have been shot in the current season.

Round Junior Ladies Junior Gentlemen
Metric / Bristol I n/a Under 18
Metric / Bristol II Under 18 Under 16
Metric / Bristol III Under 16 Under 14
Metric / Bristol IV Under 14 Under 12
Metric / Bristol V Under 12 n/a


Please provide the following information*:

Parent/Guardian name, contact email and phone (so you can be notified of selection over the summer), Junior’s name, Archery GB number, date of birth, Club, bow type, and for each score, date and location of competition, round, score, hits, golds/tens.

*GDPR: note information will be used for DWAA Junior Team selection only, information will be passed to the tournament officer should you be selected for the inter-counties competition.

For further details of the selection criteria see

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