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Dorset and Wiltshire Field Tournament

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Dorset and Wiltshire Field Tournament

Fantastic weather after the many weeks of rain, wind and cloud we could not have booked better shooting conditions, the sun shone throughout the event, and the heat was quite Mediterranean.  This combined with the hospitality afforded us by the Landowners Michael and Mary Keene along with their friends and family created a really lovely weekend.  Sunday was the first Dorset and Wiltshire Field archery tournament for many years and I was encouraged by the number of “new to field” archers who came and gave it a try, you are all to be commended.  The venue had stunning views, the pond area was teaming with an assortment of wildlife with some quite exquisite butterflies and the Alpacas were beautiful, if not slightly bemused at all these strangers in their garden.

Your County Champions are:
Ladies Bare bow – Rebecca Fay – Mere Archers
Ladies Recurve – Rachel Vines Supermarine Bowmen
Ladies Longbow – Lynda Hutchinson
Junior Ladies Recurve U15 – Evie Sutton- Fay – Mere Archers
Gentlemen Bare bow – Neil Sutton – Mere Archers
Gentlemen Recurve – Andrew Rycroft – Bournemouth Archers
Gentlemen Compound – Mike Vittles – Supermarine Bowmen
Gentlemen Longbow – Mike Beare – Osprey Archers
Gentlemen Compound Barebow – Mark Wooton – Osprey Archers
Junior Gentlemen Recurve – Joe Stour –Fay – Mere Archers
Junior Gentlemen Bare bow – Ben Wong – Mere Archers

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