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Monday, July 1st, 2013

During at least 2 shoots this year archers have needed to be removed from the course quickly due to a medical emergency.
In both cases it took time to communicate this to someone with a radio who could then arrange the medical assistance.

The archers raised the fact that there was currently only one call for assistance “JUDGE Target …..”
When a judge hears this, they go to the target, waiting for groups to shoot, taking the paths. This takes time. This doesn’t  distinguish between “JUDGE we need a line call or there is a twig in the way” and “We need help now”.
The archers felt vulnerable and discussed a solution before coming to the committees. The process is not a rule change.
It is a procedure to be used in emergencies. Emergencies being the normal meaning of the word – it does not include arrows stuck in trees, overhanging branches. Archers should ask themselves – does someone need help quickly, would you normally call 999 in this situation? If the answer is YES to either, then Call RED.


An incident occurs and the archers on the target decide they need EMERGENCY help.

The group call “TARGET……. RED”

eg “TARGET 15 RED”

This call is heard by other archers who IMMEDIATELY STOP SHOOTING

The course has now stopped shooting and is clear for Judges, First Aiders, Organisers etc to make their way to the target by the shortest and quickest route.

The incident is dealt with.

Judges will re-start the shoot on WHISTLES.

No one will shoot until this re-start is signaled.

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